Building your new website sounds simple, right?

Well, there’s a bit more to it and right now you’re at the idea stage.

Who do you want to take that idea and turn it into a project?

What are the necessary skills that you must have to set up your new website?

We’ve listed them down below:

1. Programming – Someone must cover the back-end of your website. Set it up and add the necessary plugins for it. By putting plugins, you’re adding functionalities to your website.

2. Web Design – It is a must to ensure that the moment your prospect sees your website they’ll fall in love with it and will be able to use it with ease.

3. Content Creation – You want to make sure to assign or delegate article writing, videos crafting, general content planning and creation. By doing so, your possible audience will get value from your website.

4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – When a website is set up with content, someone must help put you in front of the the right audience. Good SEO makes your website searchable and easily found.

5. Marketing – To make sure that the right people and more people see your content on the website.

6. Website Maintenance & Security – Keeps a website safe from hackers and properly updated allowing you to sleep at night.

7. Project Management – The ability to examine the above items to find weaknesses, recommend and implement improvements.


The success of all these steps depends on selecting the right team–even if it is a team of one. It might also be essential for you to read our previous blog on How Much Does A Website Cost?

But, before you build a website, you need to ask this single question to yourself.

“Why Do I Need a Website?”

Once you know why, you’ll be in a good position to choose the right team to do it.

What Are My Options In Building My Website?

You can build a website as a DIY (do it yourself) effort or through the help of a freelancer or an agency.

That’s about it! Those are your options in building your new website.

How do you know what is best? “It depends.” You’ll hear me saying that over and over but I’ll always explain.

Don’t worry because in this blog, I explain and outline the pros and cons of each level of the website building team from a team of one to many.

I built my first website with a friend from my ski team in the mid-1990s. In those days I had no idea that I would walk through each of these levels of growth DIY > Freelancer > Agency.

Until I started this article, I didn’t even realize I had walked this journey. I hope my journey experience can help you in choosing who should build your new website.


Do It Yourself” could mean you, yourself doing it OR you, one of your internal team members doing it.

This is the cheapest way to build a website if you’re only considering $$CASH$$. If you check out our other post “How Much Does a Website Cost?” you will see that you can set up a website for under $100 by doing it all yourself. But that can be very costly because time is our most valuable possession.

On the other hand, will a DIY website meet your goals? Are you patient enough to do all the trial and error while building it? Although the price tag for DIY sounds good, you may not be a good fit to do it, unless you’re in the web design industry.

Let’s say you’ve decided to DIY it, what could be happening to your business–the part you’re meant for? While you’re building a website.

Think about that too!

Aside from the time-suck of DIY adding to it is the expertise. Nobody in this world has all the skills mentioned earlier.

But, if you’re a solid company with a team of employees, one or more of your team members can save you a bit on the costs. You can hire team members with all the skills. However, you might need more team members than you have budget for. Also, you might not have enough work to fill a full-time or many full-time positions.

Unless you’re on a journey like the one I’ve tread, you probably want to avoid the DIY approach. Your time is worth much more than you give yourself credit for. Stay in your zone of genius!

Keep reading for better solutions below on who should build your new website.


Freelancers cost more $$$ than doing it yourself. The real savings is in your time. Moreover, the time they take to build your site will be less because they already have the skills and expertise in that area.

In addition, with all the skills required to make a fine website, you will find the need for multiple freelancers. If you choose this route, you might want to start with the project management skill because you’ll be managing all of them.

Some freelancers claim to “have it all”. . . I was guilty of that, “I can do anything” mentality. The moment I humbled myself and came to my senses I started networking with other freelancers and better serving people.

Find a freelancer and probe them on what their top skills are and explore their network. Who have they worked with before? If they’re a solo-preneur freelancer without a network. Move on.

If you’ve come to the realization that your time is more valuable than your money a team of freelancers is the way to go. You or a member of your team can be the “project manager”.

You can find some freelancers at Upwork, Toptal, We Work Remotely, Guru to name a few.


I never wanted to have an agency. Period!

Until…. I realized what I did want.

In my mind, I wanted to help people with the right plan and process. I am a superhero project manager, idea fertilizer, and problem solver. But please, don’t ask ME to do your graphic design.

Anyhow, as I grow my business, part of it is to craft a mission statement.

After crafting the company mission statement which is “To serve and guide others to software systems excellence”, I then discovered I wanted to start an agency.

Why? So that we can provide excellence in all the areas of your web or mobile application. I have a team who are best in each area which made my clients feel confident in working with us.

So, if you want a team of talented individuals with a plan, strategy, and history of working together to provide solutions, an agency is the way to go. This consumes the least amount of your time and gives you the greatest bang for your buck. It gives you one person to talk to and communicate your desires. This person manages a team of experts in all the areas you need.

We learn and grow together and depend on each other. We weed out the impostors, help each other grow, and the team members thrive in the areas that they excel in AND have a great interest in.

Agencies cost more than DIY or a freelancer but they offer more with built in project management and the full diversity of skills to build your new complete website.

Who Should Build My Website?

“It depends.” It’s my favorite answer, I know, but that alone isn’t enough.

Balancing your finances and your time on a continuum represented by the diagram I’ve drawn below:

Moreover, the continuum of site quality increases from the upper left to the bottom right in general. Unless you’re a hotshot freelancer yourself in this space, hiring a good agency yields better results.

At the end of the day, you get what you pay for.