So do you need a website? This is a typical question we hear from business owners.

A lot of them haven’t seen the value of having a website.

They find it expensive, laborious to set up, impractical and most of all unimportant.

In this blog, we are going to share with you the 5 reasons why having a website is a must! 

Based on HubSpot Research, Global Survey, Nov-Dec 2019, 63% of marketers  are investing in a website upgrade this year.


Marketers invest in websites because they know the importance and value of having one. But why would you spend some money and time setting up a website?

According to Marvin Hintze, marketing manager of Dach “Websites have come a long way from serving as digital business cards to being everything but that. For marketers, 2020 will be all about reducing complexity (even more) and creating a concise and transparent user experience. In the end, our goal must be to provide users with the information they want, when and where they need it. To achieve this, a compelling and straightforward design, adhering to accessibility standards and personalization are indispensable.”

5 Reasons Why You Should Have A Website

  1. Multi channeling servicing will increase 
  2. Builds credibility
  3. Marketing Strategy
  4. Sales happen to different platforms
  5. People want facts right here, right now

We will go through each reason one by one. Join us as we dig deeper into each reason.


Reason #1 Multi-Channel Servicing Will Increase

We’ve come to a point where everything is online. Our customers use many platforms and browse the world wide web. From Facebook to Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Youtube, email, mobile apps, and of course your website, moving from platform to platform.
As a matter of fact, based on the statistics last July 2020 by, Statista reported a total of 4.57 billion internet users in the world
Just imagine these people roaming around the net. They want to find a solution to their problem in a convenient manner. This applies to any kind of business. People Google their problems and find your business, a solution to their problem). If they don’t find you automatically, you are not part of their solution.
You wouldn’t want your customers to look for someone else who could help them. You want to be someone who can solve their problems, is that right? Be present.
Additionally, in another Statista survey, the top listings are directly to websites NOT directed to social media.
If you want to be visible, use a platform that builds not only authority but also credibility. This leads me to reason #2 on why you need a website.

Reason #2 Builds Credibility 

As mentioned earlier, having a website builds credibility.

“If someone or something has credibility, people believe in them and trust them.” Collins Dictionary

It’s important to establish trust with our consumers since they live online now.  People search for someone “Legit” and this is part of their buying process.

My friend and I, shopping at a mall a few weeks ago, found a family-owned restaurant with an “appetizing” appearance. Instead of checking out their menu from inside the restaurant, he took out his stainless steel iPhone 11 PRO, and guess what? He searched for the name of the restaurant, checked out their feedback, and said “No, thanks!”

Google calls it ZMOT

A website unveils your beauty and capacity to serve your customers. You can show them the services or products you offer, inform them with your blog, and present the pricing. This allows you to be more transparent, increasing your chance to connect with your customers.

Finally, you can also showcase the testimonials or feedback given by your customers. By adding this to your website, you give your customers the opportunity to see why your company is a good choice.

Aside from gaining the trust of your customers, becoming top of mind is the main goal of any business owner.

But how do you do that?
In order to achieve it, it is a must for any growing company to craft a marketing strategy that will give direction on how you do your business. This leads me to reason #3 on why you need to have a website.



Reason #3 Marketing Strategy

Leading companies use a website as a primary marketing strategy. Their website hosts content beneficial to their consumers. By creating this content online, you make your brand available to anyone searching for your business.

On your website you showcase your products, courses, or services. Furthermore, you promote, share images, and other information needed by your customers. All these increase your chances to be top of mind.

By having a website, you make your customers become more aware of your presence. You become visible. Available 24/7.

Strategic companies consider SEO (Search Engine Optimization) a key tactic. They want to rank on Google. If people try to Google your business, you show up at the top of the search. Having a website, you allow your business to become searchable boosting your business.

Besides SEO, a traffic strategy can 10x the revenue of your business. Driving Traffic means bringing people – the right ones, to your website. Read Digital Marketer’s article on this.

Including a website in your marketing strategy greatly increases your customer experience. Customer experience is your customers’ perception of how your company treats them. These perceptions affect their behaviors and build memories and feelings to drive their loyalty.

Creating a marketing strategy gives you a full picture of how and when the sales will take place. We know for a fact that the 4.57 billion internet users want more information and want it from different sources.


Reason # 4 Sales Happen on Different Platforms

Last month, my friend from the mastermind, bought an Amazon Echo. He said he bought it while his son was playing on his mobile app. After this, he proceeded to a website with tons of other products. He watched demo videos which made him buy three more tech products.

So yes, sales happen on different platforms.

This is the trend now. People want to find a product in a manner that is most convenient for them.

In the case of my friend, it started via a mobile game then the purchase occurred on a website.

This isn’t the only path to selling products.

You see, other entrepreneurs post on Social Media then lead their customers to messenger for the purchase.

Others craft ads and lead their customers to purchase their products on a website.

You want your customers to have tons of options…choices.

Why? Because consumers always want convenience. Aside from that, they want to feel like they still have the “power to choose”.

If we stick to one platform, we’re missing possible deals.

If you want your customers to find you, make sure you’re where your customers are.


Reason #5 Customers Need Solutions

Customers look for products or services when they struggle with a problem.

When they are at a loss, they go to the internet and look around for possible solutions.

They ask questions, and Google answers.

Google provides them with an answer for their question. (That’s why companies use SEO – so they can be found!)

In short, customers really need solutions to their pressing problems. They are mostly led to websites with answers to their questions or pains.

By being available online, 24/7 through your FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions, customers will find you.

If you write blogs addressing their common questions, then the search engines bring more customers to you.

If you’re thinking about the needs of your customers, your customers notice.

Conclusion: Do You Need A Website?

The growing trend of customers buying online leads us to thinking how we can make our company accessible to them. The results of the survey conducted by Statista show that people tend to go to the site of the company for purchase convinces us to ensure that we are where our customers are.

If we want to become top of mind of consumers, provide a better customer experience, and provide solutions for them, it is only right for you to set up a website.

You may want to read our blog post, How Much Does a Website Cost? or Who Should Build My New Website?

Next week, we are going to teach you how to set up your own website. We are going to update this blog for the link. Join our mailing list on the sidebar to get notified of our latest posts.

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