Sometimes we outsource work to developers and marketing teams and they need access to your Google Analytics. Here’s a simple way to give them access without turning over your credentials. It isn’t a good idea to share your credentials with anyone even your team. Most services allow you to set up additional management accounts and Google Analytics is no exception. Here’s a little video to put you on your way:

Here are the steps if you want them faster:

  1. login to your Google Analytics account
  2. On the left menu select “Admin”.
  3. Underneath that account, select “User Management”.
  4. Scroll down to the section titled “Add permissions for:”.
  5. Enter their email address in the box.
  6. Select the permissions to grant them:
    1. Manage Users
    2. Edit
    3. Collaborate
    4. Read & Analyze

As always if you have a tech question, or need a software solution, EvoDynamic. . . because it can be done.


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