Are you protecting your fruit? I had a recent call with a customer’s office manager who had lost a spreadsheet including all their customer’s billing and payments. I spent a bit of time looking at the file system and couldn’t find the file. So I moved on to asking about their backups. . . silence on the other end of the line.


There is not excuse for this in the modern day except ignorance. Today is the day to take action because you are no longer ignorant. Not too long ago, it cost quite a bit of money and time to back up your work. These days, services offer free, inexpensive, and automated backups. All you need to do is set them up and use them.

Maybe you’ve heard of programs auto saving as you work–that is important and helpful in the case of a power flash or surge. Allowing you to recover most of your work (because your computer or hard drive are still OK). But what happens when your hard drive is fried? If you came to this blog post ignorant, you’ll probably have to look up your local data forensic expert and pay him hundreds to recover whatever data they can find in part.

Hopefully, you’re reading this and already have a backup system in place. Who ever you are, pass this information on because this is new information for more folks than it should be.

The Workstation Backup Solution

The solution is simple and you probably already have an account that is capable of giving you the security you need to protect your work, your family photo/video album, your creations. You need one of the following programs:

  • Microsoft One Drive
  • Google Drive
  • Drop Box
  • iCloud

Once you install the software for them on your computer, they each set up a folder that is synced up to the cloud with every change. The habit you need to change, is to save everything, EVERYTHING you create and do into that folder. I actually stuck that folder in the “My Documents” folder on my PC. This is a habit you and everyone in your team and company need to adopt simply for peace of mind.

The Added Bonus of Backup Services

Not only do these services back up your data, they make your data available everywhere. On your other computer, on your phone, on your XBox/Playstation or other console, even on your in-laws’ systems. When visiting my mother a few years ago, I pulled up my backup account on her “bigger” screen TV and started flipping through pages of the kids and family camping, sailing, and adventuring including our videos. That was an amazing experience that caused her to buy into it. With proper sharing, we’re able to at anytime look at each other’s photo’s and enjoy their travel and experiences. This is great for the techno-grandparents (good job Mom & Dad) to follow the lives of their grandchildren.

Time for Action: Set Up Your Backups

You’ve got one of the services listed above. So go and set it up now. The worst thing you can do is nothing. If you don’t have an account with any of them just Google/Bing them up and take action now.

My favorite is One Drive but I also frequently use Google Drive and Drop box.

If you get stuck and have a quick question, stuff it in the comments below. Or contact us at:

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<p>Hi there I’m in the orchard today. We don’t have much fruit in our orchard. But we do have a few trees. And we love them. But that’s not the fruit I’m talking about today. I’m talking about you. And your value. You spend your time every day all day long creating something. And if you’re using a computer you need to create something and protect that fruit.</p><p>I was meeting with a client a few weeks back. Tried to recover a file for him and it wasn’t available.</p><p>So you’re in one or two camps. One, you’ve never lost any data. Or two, you’ve lost data. I hope you’re in the never lost data camp. Each of those camps has a group of people in them. One that has a plan. And one that doesn’t have a plan. Today I’m just going to talk about you and your your computer whether it’s your home computer your work computer. You need to have a plan. You need to have a copy or a backup. You need to know that, if your computer fires today completely, your content is still available somewhere somehow.</p><p>It’s really easy to do. There’s lots of services out there that you can hook up to your computer. Ten years ago it cost 10 20 30 50 100 bucks a month to do something like that. These days there’s free solutions that you can get and there’s paid solutions that are a couple dollars a month. There are solutions for Mac. Solutions for PC. You can use OneDrive you can use Google Drive you can use Dropbox you can use iCloud. All those services and a whole bunch more will take your file as soon as you save it. Put it in the cloud and have a backup copy. As soon as you save it it starts pushing it up. And most of those services. So if your computer fries while you’re working your work in progress is still preserved.</p><p>So if you don’t have a plan and you don’t know how to do one, then its time to reach out to your I.T. guys and get out there and put a plan in place.</p><p>Second thing, we got a one-year-old at home. And he comes in, my wife is writing a book right now, and he will come in and start tapping, tapping, tapping away on the keyboard and just messing up her story and rearranging paragraphs and putting in extra words … there’s a quick key command, “windows-L” will lock your screen and put it to the log in screen. So I’ve trained her to protect her data from that little guy running around our house. Hope you have a blessed day and remember “…because it can be done.”</p>

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