Time after time I find on my wife’s or kids’ computers little bits of malware and programs and pop-ups that I didn’t trigger or open. They are little programs that they unintentionally downloaded/installed. It’s important to include anti-virus and anti-malware on your systems to stay safe but that won’t catch all the stuff available. Following the advice below, you can block more things even earlier and keep your systems more safe. Checkout this video from Morgan Wright and go to Quad9.net and put another stop in for your protection. Morgan is a colleage of mine in the mastermind community, an advisor for the National Security Council as well as a frequent expert contributor for Fox News.

From Morgan Wright, “Tip #3 of the 12 Tips of Christmas: Say hello to my little friend – Quad9.net. How the 4 9’s will save you from yourself and how it actually works.”
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Thanks Morgan!

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