Since I do WordPress every day and for many years, I’m sure there is something at the 101 level I missed sharing or glossed over.

What would be one thing that would make this email course better for the next one just like you?

What was the best piece of value from this series?

What would you want to learn next?


Thanks for taking your time and learning with me over the last 8 days in the WordPress 101 training. Here’s where you’ve been:

You graduate, or as I often hear said you get to continue, so happy graduation/continuation. You have a base knowledge around WordPress. 

Now What?

First, (shameless plug) sign up for our Freedom WordPress or White Glove Ninja Freedom WordPress and we’ll take care of your site and let you focus on your business.

Second, start building a list of people, an email list that you can notify of your content, value, and offerings. This sequence was delivered to you through the power of ConvertKit. I’ll be doing a post about that sometime soon but for now they have some great content on how to use their system. Here’s my affiliate link to get a free starter account (I think it handles 500 people): ConvertKit Affiliate

Third, keep writing content and adding value to your niche to help people, build relationships, and grow your cause.

Last, let me know how I can help you.

This is the end of the WordPress 101 series, If you want to hear more about achieving software systems excellence complete the form below to Join the Newsletter. If you would like to receive this series via email drop in here:  WordPress 101 Sign Up

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